Little Red Riding Hood

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Art
Little Red Riding Hood

The Queen paintings have been put aside for now. I hit a wall of frustration. But I’ll definitely go back at some point.

I’m working on two things right now. Two fowl portraits (of golden pheasants) and a Little Red Riding Hood illustration. The Little Red illustration is a modern interpretation with elements that reference the story. There’s a red hood(ie), a wolf’s head, the axe, and a forest.


I’m following a process with this illustration. (I always do better with a process/steps.) I chose elements from the story to show what the illustration is about and made some thumbnails. Then I found reference and took a reference photo for the pose (say ‘hi’ to my strange two-toned arms) to make a composite. The sketch was drawn from the comp and used to make value and color studies. And yes, that is an umbrella in the composite image. I didn’t have an axe available.

Next up: start shading the drawing and bring it further along.