Continued Queen II process

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 in Art
Continued Queen II process

Here are the steps so far for the second Queen painting. It’s steadily coming along.


I continued working on the face. Painting skin is really difficult. I definitely need more practice. I tried to follow the tones of the grisaille underpainting. But I feel like the acrylic was very flat. I had trouble mixing the right colors.

Once I had some basic flesh colors I went over the face with colored pencils. This added color variation to the skin that I couldn’t quite get with paint. I used the pencils to brighten the skin, add rosiness to the cheeks and nose, and indicate translucence by adding blue to the eye socket.

I’ll seal the colored pencil layer with fixative and clear gesso. Next I’ll work on the neck and do the background. I finished the hair on the other painting but didn’t photograph it.