The downward spiral of Pinterest

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 in Life
The downward spiral of Pinterest

Do you ever go on Pinterest for just a few minutes and realize a couple hours have gone by? That happens to me a lot. I jump from pin to pin ‘liking’ as I go.

How I use Pinterest

I use Pinterest to collect images that I find visually pleasing, keep track of ideas, and collect yummy sounding recipes. I go through my main feed and ‘Like’ pins. My likes act as a sort of holding area. Once there’s a bunch of pins I’ll unlike them and pin them to the appropriate boards. My boards are pretty organized. They have to be when you have over 6,000 pins.



The problem is that not all pins are good pins. Some point to bad links and others link to just an image. If you pin a delicious looking pasta dish it only makes sense to see the recipe when you click on the image. So, with that in mind, I’ve started to curate my boards. Yes, it’s as laborious as it sounds. It means clicking on the website for each pin one by one and deleting the bad ones. I’m not even going to worry about duplicate pins at this point.

I also pin my own art. It’s just another place for me to share my art. (I’m not sure if people are actually pinning them though…) See where else I share my work and how I feel about that in my previous blog post.

Pinterest has the potential to take up a big chunk of time. Don’t even get me started on the Food & Drink category.

Browse my Pinterest boards. Maybe there’s something you can pin to your own boards.