Fowl portraits

Posted on May 15, 2014 in Art
Fowl portraits

If you’ll remember (is anyone actually reading this?) I went through some of my old sketches a few months ago. One of the sketches was of two chickens golden pheasants. I developed a bit of a bird obsession while I was in college. Particularly the more colorful ones. The golden pheasant definitely fits that description.

(above) The original sketch was small from a little Moleskin I had. Here’s the original and the cleaned up sketches.
(below) And these are the works-in-progress. There’s still some work to be done in the feathers and the background.

At the moment I’m thinking of these paintings as studies. I have a bunch of unused canvases that need art on them. Once I’m done with these studies (figured out what colors to use and how to go about each section) I’ll do a finished painting on a 10×16 canvas.