Soundtrack of Art

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in Behind the Art
Soundtrack of Art

It’s difficult to create in absolute silence. I need some kind of noise while I work. That’s lead me to find some great podcasts to listen to.

Some artists listen to music while they create. But I think music has too much going on. I also only tend to music while I’m in the car. (Yes, I sing in the car…badly.) Talking on the other hand turns into white noise eventually. It’s less distracting.

My first exposure to podcasts was MuggleCast. Once Harry Potter was over I needed to branch out and find new podcasts.

What I’m listening to:

I love listening to people who like things that I like. I also love learning obscure historical facts. Then there are podcasts that are just entertaining and creative.

What do you listen to while you work? Let me know in the comments.

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